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He Made Paper Shredding Companies Even Busier

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On a different note to our last post (The 3 Best Resignation Videos Ever) you’re probably wondering why  paper shredding companies have benefitted from Ed Snowdon. If you’ve ever seen the amazing Gene Hackman, Will Smith Movie Enemy of The State  then you probably wouldn’t have been that surprised by Edward Snowden’s revelations. In fact most people with even half a brain, have always known deep down – ‘they’re watching’. And let’s be honest here, that’s probably a good thing. I find it hard to believe that the Government care enough about your emails to spy on you. Even if you’re sending out junk or messing around with your wife’s sister, I doubt they care.

But what his revelations did do, was bring to the forefront how much information we actually carry with us. Be it in paper form or digitally. And how at risk that information can be. And not from Government Bodies – but much worse. Prying eyes and hackers.


We and others within the industry found an immediate spike in the number of people wanting their hard drives shredded and their computers destroyed after Edward Snowden spoke out. The more articles that came out about him, the more we got calls. People had suddenly become very conscious about leaving sensitive information on old phones or computers. And rightly so…..

For so many of us, our phones are so much more valuable to us than our laptops. If you lost your phone today and someone had access, what type of information could they find out about you? Chances are your name, home address, emails, numbers, possibly bank sort code and account number, embarrassing emails, even more embarrassing photos – and the list goes on and on.

So what happens when you upgrade to that new shiny iPhone? Do you honestly think for one second deleting the old phone is enough to erase everything? Of course not!!! Tech journalists found that it took mere moments to retrieve information from a phone, a laptop or a PC that had been seemingly deleted .


So what’s the best way forward? Well it’s easy. Do you care enough to do something about it? Would you mind if someone had access to all your digital files across devices? If so then let’s start getting smart. Deleting and formatting your devices is just the first step but you know what our advice is going to be. Call us and get it professionally destroyed. Get a certificate of destruction and get some peace of mind. Most good and reputable paper shredding companies will also do data shredding.

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Exactly – call us.

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