We scoured the internet for our favourite office resignations, and chose the below list as our absolute favourites. We hope you enjoy watching them just as much as we’ve enjoyed compiling them.

In Reverse Order:

3) A hilarious piece on the Huffington Post site called  Joey Quits: Hotel Worker Tells Story Behind Viral Resignation Video got me onto this video. All I can say is that I couldn’t stop laughing from the second I watched it. Joey DeFrancesco (23 at the time) had worked for the Providence  based hotel in Rhode Island for just over 3 years. Having hated his job and claiming they hated him too, decided to quit in the most spectacular fashion possible. He hired a mariachi band and had them accompany him, whilst it was all filmed, go and give his boss his resignation letter.

To date it has racked up 5,346,890 views (at least 10 of them were from the Total Shred Team)


2) In a stunning resignation live on TV – CBS Reporter Charlo Greene was reporting a segment on the Alaska Cannabis Club. Suddenly, she reports that not only is she is the owner of the Cannabis Club, but decides to quit live on air. Her choice of words are questionable but nevertheless the resignation is still an absolute stunner. Of course her admission and rapid departure off camera leaves her co-host visibly shocked and lost for words.



1)My absolute favourite resignation is from Marina Shiffrin who worked for a Taiwanese Based Company whose entire job was to come up with videos that went viral. Little did she know that her dance performance to the popular Kanye West track Gone would do just that AND more. Her gripe was with lack of lunch breaks and overall staff treatment and had finally decided that enough was enough. In a surprising turn of events, her ex co worked decided to do their own video back called We’re Hiring – which was very clever. But, nowhere near as good as the original:




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