Perfect Shredding Company Tips

If you have never shredded before or are mid contract with another shredding company, it’s always worth pausing for a moment and just asking yourself a series of questions. Choosing your shredding supplier is much like choosing any other supplier. You want someone who’s going to deliver great service at an ever better price point; you want someone that you get on with.

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7 Tips To Find The Perfect Shredding Company

1)   Work out your criteria. Is it important for your shredding to be done in front of your eyes (on site) or off premises?

2)   Are you choosing to shred by choice or are you dealing in confidential documents that need shredding?

3)   Do you need Certificates of Destruction for your files?

4)   How much paper do you actually intend on shredding? (how many black bags of paper do you think you could fill)?

5)   How many collections do you think you would need per month?

6)   Hypothetically if someone broke into your office and went through all your papers, what information would they find?

7)   What attempts are you making to go paperless?

Depending on how you answer the above questions will determine the type of company you hire. For instance, not every company will offer onsite shredding, if that’s an absolute must for you…

Given that we work mostly in London and surrounding areas, we’ve found that our customers did indeed need on site shredding. We further noticed that the average customer was filling up one console at least once a month, thereby reducing any risk of confidential papers appearing in the wrong hands.

When it comes to pricing – you really have to be sensible.

Our advice would be to call up at least 3 shredding companies in your area; emphasising whether you need on site or offsite and roughly the amount of collections you’d need – and compare and contrast the 3 (or more) of the quotes you get. If you happen to already be in a shredding contract we’d suggest that you take a look at the contract and see when your cancellation period is. Additionally it would be wise to also look for when your rolling contract begins (which locks you in for yet another year). This is of course assuming that you found a shredding company that better meets your needs.

If you happen to be in London and the surrounding areas – please keep us in mind as one of the quotes you’d be collecting. We’re confident enough that we’d have the keenest price whilst offering the most outstanding service.

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