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Why shred on site with Total Shred?

We recently asked some of our customers why they chose Total Shred over other shredding service providers, and here is a snapshot of what they came back with:


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As a privately run company, we pride ourselves on our service and our price point. Our pricing structure is easy to understand and completely transparent.

We are often stunned when people ask us for onsite shredding quotes and then proceed to ask us what our per minute charge is? Per minute charge…. What’s that? Or how much our fuel surcharge generally comes to? Fuel surcharge, what’s that? And here’s the best one, when we get calls from disgruntled customers who say that they’d like to work with us, but they’re in the middle of a 5-year contract with another paper shredding company… 5-year contract! What’s that? 

It often shocks us when we hear these stories and surprises our customers even more, when we present our very flexible range of options. And quite often when our shredding prices are 30-40% cheaper than what they were paying.

Here at Total Shred, we of course could go on and on about ourselves. Our testimonials speak volumes, as does the work we do with both the local London residential market and governmental and private entities. We love what we do, and we genuinely believe that our shredding services make a difference to people. Clearly, some of our customers can see that in us.


As biased as we are, the main reasons why our customers tend to enjoy working with us is because:

  • We shred on site in our paper shredding trucks. These trucks use cross cutting, state-of-the-art shredding technology to destroy all the documents. This means that all the documents are ‘adiosed’ (technical term) before the truck leaves their place of work or home.
  • Our flexible and fixed pricing options, make life easier for our customers to choose the package that works best for them. Our prices start from as little as £5, and we accommodate everyone.
  • Adapt to changing business needs. Some customers have had to dramatically downsize or change the frequency of collections or make an adjustment that suits their needs. That’s great! We completely understand the ever-changing world of business and always go out of our way to make sure we exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • We are saving the world. Not like superman is. But we are saving the world. It’s all very simple, here’s how. We plant trees for every tonne of paper that we shred. And it’s not a totally selfless act. Our customers get to enjoy and offset the carbon credits that they receive as a result.
  • PRIVATELY RUN BUSINESS – WE CARE. Please press 1 for sales, please press 2 for …….What’s that! When our customers call us, they know there’s no automated machine. They know they can speak to the same person that they’ve been dealing with all along. And why not? We’re a PRIVATELY RUN COMPANY – WE CARE!

Our general good humour and charm is actually why our customers keep coming back to us. But to know if that’s true – you would of course have to get in touch with us, wouldn’t you?

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