Paper Shredding Is Good For The Environment

Paper Shredding Is Environmentally Friendly

It’s cliche to say it, but real business is still done on paper, and certain businesses generate lots of paper. This paper often includes sensitive data, much of which has to be shredded in order to be in compliance with the Data Protection Act. The on site paper shredding provided by profession shredding companies is not only extremely convenient, but also ensures that your company is doing its part to take care of the environment. This is because  the shredded paper is then recycled into new forms of paper products.

Paper Recycling Saves Trees. Paper Recycling Saves Cash

Paper recycling is not only the right thing to do from a socially responsible perspective, but it also makes a lot of sense economically. Harvesting trees is not just an environmentally pernicious, but very costly as well. Trees and cash can both be saved when you recycle your shredded paper. The truth of the matter is paper products can be recycled up to seven times. Or to put it another way, for every tonne of paper that is recycled, at least 17 trees are sparred. 

What happens to the paper after is has been shredded?

Once we have shredded your confidential documents (we shred on site and in your presence) the shredded paper is transferred to a paper mill. The paper mill then puts the paper through specialised equipment to remove contaminations (such as staples, paper clips, plastic etc) before pulping the paper. The pulp is then used to produce new paper products. Specifically, here at Total Shred, we supply the shredded paper to paper mills who are producing tissue paper.

At Total Shred, we share your company’s commitment to green practices. Together we can help save valuable natural resources without slowing down the speed of commerce. 

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