Document Shredding

Document Shredding

A Bit About Us

We’ve been in the document shredding industry for nearly ten years. Prior to that it was waste management. The two almost went hand in hand until the time came to pick a direction; and we decided to go with paper shredding. It’s what we enjoyed the most. But here’s the thing, we also acknowledge it’s not the most glamorous business to be in. We try and tell people that paper shredding is sexy but I’m not so sure that they’re convinced.

I’m in data and document¬†shredding

Just imagine the scenario. We’re at a dinner party recently, meeting a lot of people for the first time. Mrs Shred loves speaking and socialising with new people, whereas I’d much rather be at home. There’re the cursory hellos and of course once seated, the usual questions fly across the table.

“Where do you live? What do you do?”

Maybe it was me, maybe it was just the wine but all I could hear was people saying was traditional jobs. There was a builder there, a banker, an optician, a data researcher and a part qualified solicitor. I thought, please no one ask me what I do. I’d have to explain……why did I come? I have enough friends; I don’t want to have to meet new people, do I?

The sound of laughter and buzz filled the room. The host was a huge jazz fan and had some Charlie Parker oozing out the speakers. Then suddenly someone looked me dead in my eye and said,

“Sorry I never asked what you do?”

Here we go. Well, this was my moment, if nothing else I was determined for people to know that data and document shredding is sexy.

“I’m in the paper shredding business I replied.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, we effectively offer companies and homes the option of confidential document shredding on site. This means we send one of our trucks, with state-of-the-art shredding equipment on board and our customers get to watch all their private pages getting shredded on site. Most of our work is data and paper confidential shredding in and around London.”

Mrs Shred looked at me. At moments like this it was always easier to make up a job or just say we’re into paper trading (which we also happen to be in). But tonight I was on a mission to let this group of individuals know that shredding is sexy.

I continued to explain how we also destroyed hard drives, PCs, old mobile phones and other digital devices.

We already had some believers. The optician and part qualified solicitor worked for companies that used paper shredding companies (not us, well not then anyway). But it didn’t take long for the others to realise how much unnecessary confidential paperwork they had lying around.

To Conclude

I learnt 2 things that night, 1) don’t let Mrs Shred pick our evening plans 2) Paper Shredding is sexy.

We’re the good guys. Not like batman. But nonetheless, our job helps in the fight against fraud, identity theft and worse still, humiliation and loss of reputation. Too many stories of late have focused on loss of confidential data through data breaches. Data and paper shredding helps in staying compliant and sensible.



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