A few months ago, we thought about the concept of getting Community Shredding going. Being based in a suburb in London (Stanmore), Total Shred felt it would be a nice thing to do if we offered some sort of shredding service to all the residents near to our office. Now don’t get me wrong, we do plenty of residential and domestic shredding locally, but the problem some people has is that they don’t have enough confidential material to warrant having the shredding truck come out to them.

Community Shredding

If you aren’t familiar with our latest service, then let me tell you about our Drive-Thru Shredding. It’s all very simple and involves 3 simple steps.

  1. You order your shredding bags online, which we post out to you.
  2. We call you to tell you the dates we are running our community shredding and book you in at a time that works
  3. You show up on that date and time and we do the rest, whilst you get to witness all your documents being destroyed.

And that’s it!

When we first launched the service, I wasn’t sure anyone would come at all. But our very first weekend had 10 people show up and it’s just grown from there. It allowed people who only had 2 bags worth to get shredded an affordable solution to their problem. Now we don’t run our community shredding every day. We aim to have them at least one day a month if not more.

If this is something that you will find of interest, get in touch. If you call in and be really sweet, I’m sure you can convince someone in our office to give you the promo code so you get a BIG discount on your first Drive-Thru Shred.

Look forward to speaking with many of you soon.

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