Imagine the scenario. You’re at home. Paperwork is everywhere. It’s time to Shred. You decide to of course call Total Shred (your favourite shredding company) and have us come and visit. Now, our experience has taught us a lot, and one of the things that our drivers hear the most is – ‘we’ve packed some stuff for you guys to shred. But we need some more time to go through everything just to make sure it’s safe to shred.’

Now if you happen to be one of these people, we’ve written a helpful guide.

  1. When go through your papers, ask yourself are you legally required to keep the papers? If yes, file it. If no – JUST SHRED IT.
  2. When you go through your papers, ask yourself if you have digital or online copies of it. If no, file it. If yes – JUST SHRED IT.



We’ve noticed that shredding paper to some people is a little bit like giving clothes to charity. You’ve almost got to adopt the attitude of ‘I haven’t worn this top for over 3 months, maybe the chances are I’m never going to wear it again’. Well keeping scrap bits of paper can be a bit similar. Assuming it’s not too important, or a legal requisite to be kept for a number of years, there is a tendency to hoard things. Clothes, papers, wives (just kidding on the last one) – but you know where we’re coming from.

Our philosophy is very simple. JUST SHRED IT. Of course we have a vested interest in saying that but our philosophy is very simple – we provide space, time and peace of mind. If you have documents that you are not legally required to keep and / or have digital copies, then the question then becomes, what’s holding you back from shredding it all? What’s holding you back from giving that old jumper to charity…

For the customers who’ve been dealing with us for years and years know our JUST SHRED IT motto. And the reason for that is because they may have us come out and visit them twice in a month. Not because in that time they amassed more paperwork. But because they just needed a bit more time to go through everything. Of course that’s understandable. Nothing is worse than shredding something that you were meant to keep. But in the decade we’ve been doing this – we have noticed that a lot of our customers have an emotional attachment to their paperwork, with the ethos – we’ll keep it ‘just in case’. Only to call us back a week, month or year later to finally say, ‘ok you were right – it’s time to JUST SHRED IT’.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year as well as thank all of our customers. We love what we do and perhaps that’s one of the reasons so many of our customers keep coming back to us.

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