Shredding company secrets

So if you’re reading this blog post, the chances are that you currently believe in the common-sense practice of outsourcing your shredding. In fact, I’m likely to bet that you probably already use a shredding company. That’s fantastic. Because in our book, whomever you use is irrelevant, as long as you are shredding. This makes me happy.


However, it’s worth noting a few things that shredding companies do, so if you’re ever choosing to switch take note of a few things:

1)  If you are or in the past ever have been charged by the minute – please ask someone to SHAKE you and check your temperature. This practice is completely unheard of – and is used by very few large companies that don’t think you’d ever price compare. I mean just think about it; you’re paying for your shredding to be done by the minute – what happens if the driver uses the loo – or has a cigarette? Should you pay for that?

2)  Are you paying a fuel surcharge – again this is absolutely nuts. Used by greedy companies who think you’re STUPID. With the amount of driving a shredding truck does, why is it that you specifically get charged a fuel surcharge? Are you special – do you work in the Himalayas? Is the trip to your home or office so far out that the shredding company needs to use helicopters to pick up your papers? I think NOT!

3)  How many years is your contract? – most people do 1 year (we generally do a one-year contract).

4)  If you find a better quote, how do you get out of your existing contract? What is the rolling period in which time you can leave without being locked into another year?

5)  Do your consoles in your office look good? Do they have wooden tops to blend in with the surroundings?

Now what we do as a company is sort of industry standard. We charge a minimum per collection charge (no fuel charge or minutely one – get a life?!) – and we have our customers tie into a one-year contract – which rolls over 3 months before the end. And we give our customers plenty of time to shop around for other quotes if they ever choose to do so.

But this blog post isn’t about us – it’s about what you’re paying. And if it’s a lot (by comparison to other companies) then you need to take action and switch.

For some reason we have some very principled customers and when they found out they had been overpaying by about 60% for all these years, they flipped. They called their existing company and threw their toys out the pram. To which their existing company would say:

‘We’re sorry – how’s this we’ll price match the lowest quote you get’….

To which our smart and principled customers would say:

‘You’ve been overcharging me for all these years when you could have done it at a lower price to begin with. Sorry but we’re done’.


So, if you’ve got this far there are 2 must do things you ought to know if you aren’t happy with your existing company?

1)  How long is your contract for, when does it end?

2)  What date can you give your notice to leave?

Once you know the above you have leverage and will be able to switch to a company that better suits you.

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