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They Make Paper Shredding Look Dodgy. 

Whenever some sort of financial scandal hits the news e.g. Enron, Madoff, etc.. there’s always somewhere in the article that talks about how all the office lights were dimly lit and a select few trusted staff were paper shredding through the night. Don’t believe me, see the first 2 paragraphs of an article in The Guardian in 2002 that discuss the paper shredding at the time:

A congressional panel this week is expected to focus on the destruction of thousands of documents at Arthur Andersen, the accountancy firm employed by Enron.

The House energy and commerce subcommittee on oversight and investigations has scheduled a hearing for Thursday. The panel plans to issue subpoenas if necessary to top Andersen executives as it seeks to find out why reams of Enron-related documents were shredded at the accountancy company. 

See!!! They always make paper shredding look so dodgy.

I recently read an article on the Watergate Scandal – and this jumped out at me:

Investigators were told that Mitchell had approved the break-in, that transcripts of conversations taped at the DNC were given to aide Gordon C. Strachan for delivery to Haldeman, and that Ehrlichman had ordered the destruction of documents.

I guess in this case  maybe paper shredding crucial evidence was pretty dodgy – but you get my point right?

Movies aren’t much kinder to our industry. There’s something about Hollywood Movies that drive me crazy. Like how they always like making the British Guy a bad guy or making paper shredding the bad guy.

Why are we never the good guys?  Why in the movie The Firm with Tom Cruise does his witnessing of paper shredding and document destruction ultimately put his life in danger. Great movie by the way. Spoiler alert, they don’t kill him, he survives. What? It was made in 1993 – don’t hate me for telling you. If you haven’t seen it by now chances are you won’t.

Why is it that you never see a movie in which shredding some piece of evidence saves the day, earth and whole planet?Even the nutter from the Ninja Turtles, Shredder – he’s the bad guy….

But we’re not the bad guys – we’re the good guys, the heros that come in and provide space, time and peace of mind. That’s us. Even alcohol or vegas can’t provide that. So feel free to call us for pictures or autographs – we’ll be more than happy to pop those in the post. With of course a free shredding sack.

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