Why paper shredding contracts can last longer than some marriages…..

Paper Shredding Contract

Here’s the thing; for those of you who are married or have been can relate. So, when it comes to a marriage – there’s not really a contract that forces you to stay in it. If you’ve ever looked at your partner and thought to yourself ‘I don’t love you anymore’ – you know things have to change.

Initially you may try talking, a holiday, therapy, maybe even another baby if you’re crazy – but if after all that fails, one can always just say

‘You know what, we tried – but it didn’t work out. Let’s just walk away as friends’….

Of course, the road to divorce will be filled with shouting, love, hate, tears and more shouting – but after it’s all said and done, you can simply walk away if you had to.

Sadly, the way the shredding industry is and the way certain costs are structured within the industry, the norm for most shredding companies is to tie people into a one-year contract, that automatically rolls over if you miss your cancellation window.

Now just think about that for a moment.

You are tied into a contract for a year. And much like a mobile phone contract if you ever chose to break it, chances are you would be liable for the contract amount for the remainder of your contract period. That means if your shredding company has all sorts of hidden costs e.g., charging by the minute or adding a fuel surcharge or even adding some sort of charge and calling it something fancy – then that’s just TOUGH and hard luck. You’re stuck. And God forbid you miss your cancellation window; you’re stuck with them for another year.

If of course you love your shredding company, then that’s great – and that’s always the goal – is to make sure you pick the right shredding company that works for your company goals.

But if you don’t like your shredding company and midway through your contract you start noticing hidden charges or bad service or the fact that you can’t speak to anyone in your shredding company without being put on hold for 3 years – let alone the same person you spoke to last time, then LISTEN UP.

It’s strange right, in a relationship, midway through if you start to discover things about your significant other that makes you think ‘I’ve had it’ – then luckily for you, no contract forces you to see out the remainder of a one-year contract! I mean can you just imagine what that would be like. Worse still – what if it were a 5-year contract?!

The morale of our story here and always, is to be sure to pick the right shredding company.

Because if things don’t work out and your expectations aren’t met – it’s too damn bad. You only have yourself (or if you’re smart, your predecessor) to blame. Always pick wisely. Remember to get quotes from multiple shredding companies and remember to explain to each of them how your company works.

Because after all the hate, tears and shouting – your shredding company will just shrug their shoulders and wave your signed contract in your FACE!

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