As a company, you know it is important to worry about shredding papers and documents that may have sensitive and personal information for both you and your customers. Many businesses don’t have the most secure options when it comes to getting these documents shredded and those who have a system, will often rely on off site shredding, which means they will take the documents somewhere else to get them shredded. This is a good idea and is better than leaving the documents lying around, but there are actually quite a few benefits to picking out on site shredding instead.

For example, many times it gives the customer some peace of mind when they are able to watch their own documents get shredded, rather than having to take the word of one of your employees that it will be done. It can also make you feel better because you don’t have to trust that the company will keep track of the paperwork. While off site shredding is usually effective and can get the work done, it does leave much to be desired and the customer is often left out of the loop, wondering if their documents are actually being handled the right way. Some of the issues that come up with off site shredding include:


  • The customer never gets to see what is going on, which can make a lot of people nervous.
  • Most of these companies will collect papers from many different companies and while they are gone, this information is left alone in a truck with pretty easy access.
  • Some of these companies will even outsource the shredding even more and they will take large amounts of these papers to a warehouse where they are left for weeks at a time. This is plenty of opportunity for someone to get the information and use it how they want.


On site shredding takes care of some of these issues. Instead of trusting that someone is going to do the work for you, you can get it all done right in front of you. The customer can see that the documents are handled right from the beginning, you won’t have to worry about the papers getting into the wrong hands, it is just safer and more secure.

Some people are still going to use off site shredding because they believe it is the best or because they just don’t have the room for this inside of their offices, but if it is possible, it is often best to go with on site. You can use this as a selling point to your customers, allowing them to feel better when they know the documents are safe, rather than just hoping they are safe.

Why risk having your paperwork get sent off to somewhere that others are able to get ahold of it. The more people who touch the paperwork, the more likely that personal information is going to get taken. Consider switching over to on site paper shredding to save some of the hassle and to get the shredding done as quickly as possible.

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