Drive Thru Shredding Service

If you live in and around the Stanmore Area - then you're in for a treat. We have introduced a 'Drive Thru Shredding Service' to better serve our local market and enable community shredding. Simply fill in the form below to book your next Drive Thru Service.
What is your drive-thru service
Unique to Total Shred, Like McDonald's, you drive into our drive thru location where you will be greeted by our friendly team who will assist in removing the bags from your vehicle into lockable wheelie bins, which will then be transported to the on-site shredding vehicle and shredded!
Can I see the service being carried out?
Of course! The vehicle is on site for you to see the magic happen!
Do I need to make an appointment for the Shredding Drive-Thru Service?
Yes, you need to book a slot for our shredding drive-thru service. Fill out the above form to schedule a convenient time and make the payment online. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience when you arrive at our office
Do I need to remove any staples or paperwork from my documents
Nope, not at all! Our cutting-edge shredding vehicle can destroy any staples, paper clips, plastic wallets and any lever arch files
What types of materials can I Shred or Destroy
Paper: Any documents containing sensitive or confidential information. CDs/Floppy Disks: Old media storage devices that may contain data. Hard Drives: Ensure complete destruction of digital data stored on these devices. Mobile Phones: Safely dispose of old phones that may hold personal information. USB Sticks: Securely destroy portable storage devices. Laptops/PC Towers: Complete destruction of entire computer systems. Data Tapes: Secure disposal of old data backup tapes. Servers/Routers: Ensure these devices are destroyed to protect any stored data. X-Rays: Proper destruction of medical imaging to maintain patient confidentiality. Video/Cassette Tapes: Securely destroy old analog media formats.
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