My Paper Shredding Company Is Amazing – I don’t care about saving money…

I love my paper shredding company

I HEART My Paper Shredding Company – It’s irrelevant that they’re expensive!

 Having been in this industry for 8 years and having worked in all departments of a paper shredding company, from the actual collections, to driving one of our trucks, to manning the phones . What I enjoyed the most however, was being in sales.

If you haven’t already noticed from my other blogs, I’m incredibly passionate about the shredding business.

We offer a service that people actually need. We help destroy confidential information which helps protect companies from things like id theft, fraud and worse – EMBARRASSMENT. We’re the good guys. We save the day. We provide space, time & peace of mind. Which other industry could say that?

So when I got to sell I loved it. My passion would translate across the telephone and people on the other end were I’m sure impressed and actually left thing

‘OK Rupert, calm down – it’s just paper shredding’.

But as you know, I see it as so much more….

Over Summer Periods my company would offer unbeatable deals. Now I don’t mean that in the salacious way, I mean that literally. We would check the prices of all our competitors and for a one month period, slash ours to be 40% cheaper. I would often call past customers of ours to inform them of this deal we were running.

Now here’s where it gets interesting; the answers were always the same. People said things like we shred in house, we don’t produce enough paper – or my favourite still – we’re very happy with our shredding company. Whenever I would hear that I would bang on about our special rate, point out the saving they could make and how my deal would probably make them the office hero. To which, as you can imagine, most people saw the light and came on board.

Just recently I spoke to a lady from a large, London Insurance Company – given that our calls are recorded (you know, for training and monitoring purposes), I thought I’d just show you a copy of the transcript of the call:

Ring Ring….

Insurance Lady: Hello

Rupert Taylor (Moi): Hi it’s Rupert from the paper shredding company Total Shred, I was just ringing to make sure you got my email ok regarding the shredding offer we were running?

Insurance Lady: Yes I did.

Rupert Taylor (Moi): Well it’s a fantastic price we’ve got isn’t it?

Insurance Lady: We’re very happy with our shredding company.

Rupert Taylor (Moi): That’s great – if I could be so bold, may I ask what they’re charging you.

Insurance Lady: I’d rather not say.

Rupert Taylor (Moi): That’s ok, I shouldn’t have asked – the truth is I can already make an informed guess, and even if I’m out a couple of quid here or there, I’m fairly sure we’re still anywhere from 20%-40% cheaper than what you’re paying. So what I’m saying is that I can save you money for the exact same service. Surely that’s a good thing isn’t it?

Insurance Lady: We’re very happy with our shredding company.

Rupert Taylor (Moi): Even though I can save you money? The savings we make you do add up over the end of a year.

Insurance Lady: We like overpaying

Rupert Taylor (Moi): Really?

Insurance Lady: Yes

Rupert Taylor (Moi): Well let me ask you, if you’re overpaying for your shredding, I wonder what else you’re overpaying for? I have to ask, given we provide the exact same service you’re getting but offering it at a better price, can I ask what you’re existing shredding company does that’s so amazing?

Insurance Lady: Nothing.

Rupert Taylor (Moi): Perhaps you should consider us then, we can save you money. Surely no one likes overpaying.

Insurance Lady: We do, it’s our company policy…

Rupert Taylor (Moi): That’s amazing, perhaps you lot should all ask for a pay rise then?

Insurance Lady: We’re very happy with our shredding company.

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