Time For An Infographic

Is it really geeky that we loved a piece of content so much that we decided to take some time out and turn it into an infographic? Yes, you’re probably thinking and I can’t blame you.

But here’s the thing, not so long ago we came across a report by global insurers Lloyds, titled ‘Facing The Cyber Risk Challenge,’ and we loved it. If you don’t know Lloyds, they are the world’s leading market for specialist insurance.

We found their report insightful in so many ways and it highlighted how often companies have had cyber attacks and how ill prepared some of them actually are.

infographic on the lloyds cyber report

Last year Lloyds also did another great report with The University of Cambridge called Business Blackout, in which they analysed the insurance implications of an attack on the US Power Grid. Let me tell you, don’t reach for the popcorn, it’s a scary read. In doing research for this post I read Business Blackout and it was like watching one of those movies where slowly but surely everything just started to stop. First the power, then the Heat or Cool, the traffic lights, then the phones – well, I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say, don’t read it alone!

Lloyds are of course involved in Cyber Insurance, and of course it got us thinking, how bad cyber crimes have gotten that not just larger companies but even SMEs need to seriously consider how much financial impact a cyber attack would actually have. Would leaked data be damaging enough to cripple the company? These are questions I’m sure not enough Senior Staff are asking themselves. We provide paper shredding services for a lot of SMEs and larger corporations in and around London, and we’ve started to notice ourselves that more and more of them are being more conscious of cyber attacks and are taking precautions to protect from those.

Sadly, with the internet has come all sorts of malicious activity. Gone are the days of emails from Nigeria promising to give you millions of dollars in return for your bank details. Now hackers can take your bank details without you even knowing.





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