In keeping with our office comedy theme, we emailed our customers to ask them about bad bosses that they worked for in the past (and in some cases, still do). What was so interesting was not the number of responses we had, but the similar traits that ran throughout al the stories. As such, we’ve chosen to list below, the 5 MOST frustrating traits of a bad boss:

  1. He liked to hear himself speak – Our boss loved an audience. He couldn’t get enough of the sound of his own voice. Every single aspect of his life had to be told to us. We were not spared one single detail of his life outside of work. We knew where he ate, what he did at weekends, what he thought of the government – even what he thought of his mother in law. Never once though, did he ever ask any of us what our weekends were like – BAD BOSS! Eventually quit in the most spectacular fashion by forcing him to listen to my entire weekend’s plans and then ended by saying “then on Monday I went into work, told my boss that his stories were crap and to shove it. Then I walked out”  – the look on his face was priceless.

  2. Being On Time Wasn’t Good Enough – On the days I made it bang on at 9am – my boss still wasn’t happy. He kept droning on about how important it was to come to work 15 minutes early. And on the days I was even 60 seconds late, he would ream me out in front of the whole office, and then take away my chair, making me stand for the whole day. Turned out that his behaviour was entirely inappropriate which got told to him when I got paid compensation. Oh yeah, and the board of our company let him go to.

  3. Take Credit For Your Work – The other day, my boss’s boss walked in. We had had a meeting earlier and I had outlined all these great ideas that I had been working on. Without shame – and right in front of me, he claimed them as his own. And not just THAT, he also told his boss that he had got me to start working on the ideas weeks ago.

  4. Call You On You Days Of – I had a boss that used to work on Saturdays. But because he would work then, he thought it was ok to contact all of us on our time off. He used to call me on Saturdays to ask me to the stupidest things and if I didn’t answer my phone – I’d get it in the neck on the Monday. Not cool boss man. Eventually left.

  5. Making Me Feel Bad For Going To The Toilet – If ever I was gone from my desk either in the loo or grabbing some tea, my boss would always make some snarky comment like “I thought you went home early” or “I’ve been waiting ages for you” – well left there eventually…

When you read stories like this, it’s no surprise that our blog – THE 3 BEST RESIGNATION VIDEOS EVER actually ended up going viral.

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