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Have you ever heard of the phrase Clear Desk Policy (CDP)? Some people also call it a Clear Desk Policy. A CDP is an agreement between employers and their team, that at the end of each day, all the desks must be left clear. This means removing any and all paperwork, files, documents, scribbles on notes, post-it’s and even removable digital devices, like USB sticks and external hard drives. Additionally it could also include paper shredding confidential documents.

What’s The Point Of A Clear Desk Policy?

So initially, if you didn’t know better, you may think that certain employers are just OCD about making sure that their offices are clean and tidy. However, that isn’t the case. Well, the OCD bit is, but it’s not about cleanliness, it’s about security. Of course, there’s some element of presenting a clean-cut image to the outside world, as well as having a desk free of clutter. But in recent times, clean desk policies are all about security.

How Does A Clear Desk Policy Help?

A clean desk policy helps minimise any potential security breaches that can arise from a loss of confidential data through confidential being left out in plain sight and unmanned and unattended.

Below are out 6 reasons as to why A Clear Desk Policy Can Help:

  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: Clutter free desk, clutter-free mind. Maybe it was just me, but I can’t work in mess. My mother always used to say to me, messy room, messy mind. I never really understood that until I was older. Just the thought of having to work to my very best with clutter all around my desk
  • GERM FREE: Ever rummaged through piles of papers just to find one specific sheet? Well ever cleared your desk, just to find lots of dust? One of the benefits of having a clean desk, is that it allows you or your cleaners a chance to be 100% hygienic and make sure that desk is fully clean. After all, you spend a large part of your life at your desk, why shouldn’t it be sparkling clean.
  • SECURITY: Think of all the people that walk past your desk. Your colleagues, your bosses, clients, cleaners, maintenance men, interns, etc…How difficult would it be for someone with the wrong intentions to glean information just from pages at your desk, left out at night, or in the weekends.
  • DRAGS YOU TO DIGITAL: So what if you’re just sick of having to clear your desk every day, then come in the next morning, just to take everything out again. At what point do you think: SOD IT! – and go digital. More and more people are using their online systems to do a variety of things like, write on online post its – and work with more pdfs than hard copies. Additionally, having documents transposed to digital is becoming more and more common. For some companies, the cost of buying paper, associated costs (e.g. printers, cartridges, etc.), shredding costs, storage costs – is just too high. They made a leap a long time ago to becoming paperless.
  • COMPLIANT: UK’s Data Protection Act requires that all companies within the UK keep their staff and customers’ data private. By adhering to a Clear Desk Policy, you are in keeping with the LAW as well as being compliant with ISO 27001/17799
  • POSITIVE IMAGE: For one moment just imagine you were the customer and went into a business where there were 2 sales people. One had the filthiest, messiest desk you could imagine, and the papers all over spelt the word, DISORGANISED. And the other salesperson, had a few folders out, all nice and neat, and was diligently working away. Which one would you approach? Exactly.

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