Residential Shredding Services

If you’re in the midst of a home move or a refurbishment, you’re probably asking yourself how you’ve amassed so much paperwork. The chances are your next thought would be to destroy anything with sensitive material on it. Most households will have quite a lot of paperwork at home with sensitive material. Just think about the amount of bills, bank statements and credit card information you get sent.
It’s not surprising to know that in this day and age of hackers, fraud and identity theft that people have become more and more conscious about destroying confidential documents. Lucky for you, we’re here to help with all of your domestic shredding needs. Our experience has taught us that most people who are moving home tend to book a one-off service. And if that’s the case for you, be sure to call us quickly so that we can post you out some sacks to start filling to keep ready for our operator for when he comes to shred them onsite. Remember, here’s the best bit: it’s our job to worry about the plastic sleeves, paper clips and staples.
Can I drop off my documents to your office for shredding?
You can book on to our fortnightly Drive-Thru service
Do I need to remove any staples, paper clips from the documents ?
Nope, not at all! Our cutting-edge shredding vehicle can destroy any staples, paper clips, plastic wallets and any lever arch files
What happens to the paper once it has been shredded
The paper is processed at a recycling facility in the UK and generally converted into recycled tissue paper.
Can we witness the shredding process? We are very conscious of our documents being destroyed
Yes, of course! All our trucks are fitted with additional security cameras which covers the full shredding process offering security play backs if required
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