Hard Drive Destruction

How we’ve moved on since then. Just imagine, in that short space of time we’ve gone from storing things on floppy discs to USBs, external hard drives and now the cloud. One of the questions that we always ask our customers is what would happen if your data got into the wrong hands. How many photos are on your hard drives? How many client-related documents could one find? If you begin to really think about how much information we store digitally, it’s almost overwhelming to comprehend how much damage someone could do, if all of it ended up in the wrong hands. Our solution to this is very simple. Call us. We provide a collection service for all your digital equipment, be it old PCs, USB sticks, external hard drives, DVDs – we can professionally dispose of all of these. Additionally, we specialise in hard drive destruction by having the hard drive shredded. When you get in touch, just let us know how many items you need disposing of and what they are. Once we have that information, we’re able to book you in for a collection at your earliest convenience.
We used Total Shred for a one off hard drive shredding service here in Central London. In addition to the really competitive price which was the initial reason why we chose them, they catered to our need and delivered a very high quality service...
As with all our paper and hard drive shredding, we comply to the highest industry standards and it is disposed of in accordance to WEEE Regulations. In line with our paper shredding, we issue you with all the relevant certification you would require for your files. This adds to your paper trail of being in accordance with your own industry standards as well as current Data Protection Policies. If you're wondering what the hard drive shredding cost is, we start our prices from as little as £5 per device. Contact us for bulk hard drive shredding prices.
What types of materials can I Shred or Destroy
Paper: Any documents containing sensitive or confidential information. CDs/Floppy Disks: Old media storage devices that may contain data. Hard Drives: Ensure complete destruction of digital data stored on these devices. Mobile Phones: Safely dispose of old phones that may hold personal information. USB Sticks: Securely destroy portable storage devices. Laptops/PC Towers: Complete destruction of entire computer systems. Data Tapes: Secure disposal of old data backup tapes. Servers/Routers: Ensure these devices are destroyed to protect any stored data. X-Rays: Proper destruction of medical imaging to maintain patient confidentiality. Video/Cassette Tapes: Securely destroy old analog media formats.
Can we witness the shredding process?
Yes, of course! All our trucks are fitted with additional security cameras which covers the full shredding process offering security play backs if required
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