Regular office on site shredding

How does it work...? It’s all very simple. We start with a conversation to work out how much paper you actually need shredded and how often. From there, we get a shredding contract across to you and we dispatch some consoles to your offices. These are lockable boxes that elegantly fit in with the rest of your office furniture, in which people will just drop their papers through the console’s slot.
Generally, most companies like to tie in to a fixed schedule (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) or something more specific – and with that information our shredding operators arrive on the pre-appointed date to carry out your paper shredding. Our vetted and uniformed operators will empty the contents of your console and shred all the confidential papers in our state of the art, mobile shredding trucks. And here’s the best bit: your team needn’t worry about staples or paperclips. Our trucks are fitted with cross cut shredding equipment, which is capable of shredding up to 2 tons per hour! We encourage our customers to watch their confidential shredding being done whilst posting pictures of the truck across various social media channels.
Once your paper shredding has been completed, our operators will provide you with a Declaration of Destruction on the day, and shortly after, we email you a Certificate of Destruction. Please keep these for your files, as it’s a much-required paper trail as proof of compliance with data protection best practices.
That’s all there is to it, it’s just that simple. Be sure to contact us for a more specific and tailored service. Also read our reviews to see what our other customers say about us.

One Off Paper Shredding

If you happen to be in the middle of an office move, clearing up for more space, disposing of archived records or simply just doing your annual clear out, then look no further. We are here to help.

If not done correctly, properly disposing of large volumes of private paper in-house is a costly and time consuming affair. Office shredders are great for the odd bits here and there, but are notorious for jamming and eventually breaking down when too many sheets are used.

Our solution is very simple. We will post out some secure shredding bags to you (if needed), in which you will put all your confidential information. When you’re ready for us, we’ll send over our truck and operator to take care of the rest.

Document Shredding Services

Our state of the art, mobile shredding trucks provide the perfect solution for you at the most cost effective price in the industry, whilst saving you a huge amount of time and headache. The shredding trucks are fitted with huge, industrial cross cutting shredding equipment. This equipment allows us to shred just over 2 tons per hour! And before you even ask, yes, of course you can watch all your mobile shredding being done. In fact we encourage our customers to post pictures of our trucks online.

Not only does all your confidential shredding happen on site, but you can take comfort in the fact that our shredding fully compliant to BS EN 15713 standards.

Whether your papers are in piles, secure shredding consoles, loose or in filing cabinets, our operators will do all the heavy lifting and arrange the papers in such a way where they can be taken out and shredded onsite. And remember, don’t worry about removing things like plastic sleeves, staples or paper clips – we take care of all of that.

How secure is your shredding service?
Our shredding service follows strict guidelines, outlined by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and we are fully compliant with Data Protection and GDPR laws
Are your drivers vetted and uniformed?
Yes they are. All of our drivers and operators have been vetted to BS7858 standard and have gone through the DBS Enhanced (Disclosure and Barring Service) clearance
Do I need to sign a contract for a fixed length of time?
No! Unlike other shredding companies Total Shred offer flexible Agreements whereby you do not have to sign up to a fixed term. All we ask, is for you to serve us written notice 3 months before you would like to terminate your service with us
Do you provide lockable storage?
Yes, we offer office friendly lockable wooden consoles, or wheelie bins for regualr scheduled services
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